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Ali McNabney-Stevens’ recent works aim to explore the links between her experiences and artistic practice by recollecting nostalgic flashes of her past and joining them with the here and now. For the artist time is irrelevant and following the links and ties to get to the elusive perfect ending is all that matters. Her relationship with The Ulster landscape in her home of Northern Ireland in particular evokes deep emotions. The exploration of memories coupled with the visual revisiting of unassuming day-to-day happenings has brought an expressive freedom to Ali’s work. Using flora and fauna as a catalyst, this fresh perspective has seen her creating a dialogue using oils to search for her imagery unashamedly getting lost in thought.

Always returning to pure expression through line, Ali finds figurative shape and definition through negative spaces conveying a strong sense of motion and urgency in every fluid guttural movement. This results in a loose mapping unforgivingly inconsistent as it traces aspects of Ali’s past and present.

Working to a large scale, Ali’s process is intuitive and fast paced. Drawing on a distinctive colour palette, she weaves memory and line over controlled layers of paint which emanate luminously from the depths of the canvas. Gaining inspiration from the characteristics of the oil, the artist is anything but sparing. Manipulating the medium to suit her expressive style, she relishes in the artistic process, drawing on every characteristic of the paint.

Ali describes her artistic process as an author writing a book.

“I always feel as if I am working on the edge of something, with my sole aim being to give life to the painting. The painting takes me where it wants to go”

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